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Account Members

The download service has been designed with a set of administrative tools and features to help you make the most of your software and maintenance. The following sections detail the administrative options available to you.

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Setting Up Your Account

Your account is automatically created when you purchase products. Ongoing purchases across your organization will continue to be consolidated within your personalized site.

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Account Administrator Role

The Account Administrator plays a key role in managing your account, including supporting and facilitating requests from other members of your organization. The Account Administrator role can be fulfilled by one central administrator or can be distributed across multiple administrators in an organization. Ideal candidates for this role are individuals responsible for overseeing software purchases and updates across the enterprise. By default, this role is given to the IT contact listed on the order at the time your account is setup.

To find out who in your organization is the designated Account Administrator(s), go to the "Account Members" page under the Administration section of the site; administrators are indicated with a yellow flag.

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Viewing Your Account Members

The "Account Members" page allows all members to see the names of other people on your account. In addition, the "Account Members" page is the place where Account Administrators add, delete, and update members, change member privileges, and grant or restrict access to particular products.

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Adding/Deleting/Updating Members

If you are an Account Administrator, you can add, delete and update member information for your account.

To add a new member to your account, go to the Account Members page, select either "A New Address" or one of the existing street addresses for your account from the drop down menu at the top of the page, then click on "Go to New Member Form". Be sure to fill in all the fields within the form. If you don't know a piece of information, simply type "unknown". Once you have submitted the form, the new member will be automatically added to your account and will receive a welcome email to this site. If you created a new address for this member, it will automatically be added to the list of addresses for your account so you can use it again later if you add more members at the same location.

To delete an existing member go the Account Members page and click on "Delete Member" next to the member's name. You will be asked to confirm that you really want to cancel the membership for that member.

To update an existing member's information click on the member's name on the "Account Members" page. You will be presented with the profile of the member where you can make the changes and then click on "Submit Membership Info". If you leave the profile page without clicking on "Submit Membership Info" the changes will not be saved.

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Changing Member Privileges

As an Account Administrator, you can also assign members different levels of access to the service by modifying their privileges on the Account Members page. The different levels of access you can assign are:

  • Account Administrator: Assign or remove a member's administration privileges
  • Get Downloads: Allow or restrict a member's ability to download software


To change a member's privileges, simply check or uncheck the corresponding boxes next to the member's name and select "Update". The member's privileges will be automatically updated. You can also change the member's privileges at the bottom of the member's profile page.


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Restricting Access to Products

As an Account Administrator, you can restrict a member's access to a certain product. From your Product List page, drill down to the product you would like to restrict and click on the [RESTRICT_ACCESS] tab.

By default, all members of your account have access to all products. As an Account Administrator, you can control a member's access to any individual product(s). To change a member's access go the Product List page, drill down to the product you would like to restrict and click on the [RESTRICT_ACCESS] tab.

You will see a box labeled "Authorized" with a list of members who have access to this product. Select the names of the members whose access you would like to restrict and click on the "Remove" button. The members you have selected will move to the "Not Authorized" box and will no longer receive notifications about this product, nor will they see it within the site when they log in.

Conversely you can re-authorize members by highlighting their names in the "Not Authorized" box and clicking "Add". These members' names will appear in the "Authorized" box and they will once again get email notification and see the product when they log in to the download site.

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Transferring Administrator Privileges

To transfer Account Administrator privileges to someone else within your organization, go to the "Account Members" page. Click the "Administrator" box next to the name of the member who you want to make the administrator. Uncheck the "Administrator" box next to your own name. When you click on "Update Member Privileges" the administration privileges will be automatically transferred.

Note: Once you remove your own administrator privileges, you will no longer be able to perform the administrator functions detailed above.

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Update Notifications

The download service provides members with personalized proactive notifications within 24 hours of a product release. Notifications are personalized to the products you own, so you only receive relevant notices.

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What Notifications Contain

Update Notifications alert you that a new major or minor release, bug fix, or patch for your product is available to download.

The subject line of all notifications contains the product name, version number, and the type of release, either an update or a patch.

The body of the message provides you with more information about the release, including the platforms for which it's available, new features it includes and/or known bugs it fixes. It also includes a link to release notes and/or readme files for you to get more detailed information about the update. The content provided in the notification is intended to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed and timely decision about whether or not to deploy the update.

If you decide you do want to download the update immediately, the notification also provides links to your personalized site so you can download your software. Should you decide to hold off on updating immediately, your software will be available for you within your site for later access.

Accessing Previous Notifications

The download service tracks and archives all notifications sent to your organization. You can access these at any time by logging in to your site, selecting the product you're interested in, and viewing the Notification Log from the "Product Download" page.

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Download Preferences

Multiple download options are available to you on the product download page. The system default is typically FTP. If FTP is blocked at your firewall or you prefer to download using HTTPS, use the Download Preferences feature to set HTTPS as your preferred download method. If you do not select any download option, the system default will be used. To set up your download options, choose the Download Preferences link, if available, in the site navigation.

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Your Profile

It is important to keep the information in your profile current. This information is used to ensure that your organization gets the most out of your software and maintenance.

Note: For security reasons, you do not have the ability to change your email address or company name within Your Profile. If for some reason you need to change these, please Contact Support or call 1-888-715-4687 (within the U.S.) or 1-408-642-3965 (outside the U.S.).

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